Love’s Labour’s Lost
- 2018

Charles Askenaizer, Invictus company member, recites Berowne's monologue from Act V, Scene ii of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost. Invictus' production of Love's Labour's Lost will be Oct. 24-Nov. 18.

Invictus company member, Diane Sintich, recites Tamora's monologue from act II, scene iii of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.

Invictus company member, Reginald Vaughn, recites Othello's monologue from act III, scene iii of Shakespeare's Othello.

When Love Speaks
- 2018

Company member Reggie Vaughn recites Leonato's monologue from Act V, Scene i of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

- 2017

A brief look at our fight choreography for our 2017 production of Othello.

Company member Robert Vignisson recites Shakespeare's Sonnet 29.