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In a recent article by Randy I. Cohen, Americans for the Arts presents the “Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2018.” Of course, his definition of “support” is primarily based on financial contributions, but it is important to note that supporting the arts as an audience member, volunteer, or artist yourself has the same benefits! Below we highlight our 3 favorite reasons Randy I. Cohen presented in his article and explain how Invictus has implemented those same reasons into our mission and outreach.

1. Arts Unify the Community

Invictus brings together local, Chicago-based artists to create work for Chicago audiences at neighborhood Chicago theatres, in all areas of Chicago. Shakespeare might have been written on a different continent centuries ago, but the text has lessons modern audiences can learn from and bond over.

2. Arts Improve Academic Performance

This summer, Invictus started an outreach program titled Shakespeare in the Courts. This program is a 6-week session where some of our company members and volunteers worked with children in the Cook County justice system on one Shakespeare's scripts, Romeo and Juliet. The goal of this program was to give the children an outlet for their creative skills, express themselves in a safe environment, and expand their classical learning, all while helping them complete their assigned services hours. We look forward to seeing how this program helps the participants even after the session is completed.

3. Arts Drive Tourism and Revenue to Local Businesses

Invictus has been lucky enough to work with some amazing, local businesses over the last couple of years. We’ve rented space from some truly special local theatres and we’ve received generous food and drink donations from companies that we’ve been able to use at special events. With the support of so many in Chicago, it is important for us to spread the love and appreciation. If you have a business which you think could benefit from working with Invictus, please contact us.

Interested in supporting Invictus? Here are 3 ways:

1. Visit our Indiegogo campaign which we are using to raise money for our upcoming production!
2. Come to an event or show, such as our upcoming Shakespearean karaoke (AKA. Guerrilla Shakespeare)!
3. Check out our About page and click "donate"

No gesture is too small. In the words of our favorite playwright, “How far that little candle throws his beams.” - Merchant of Venice Act 5 Scene I.