2019 has been deemed “The Year of Chicago Theatre” by the City of Chicago and Invictus is thrilled to be working on its third year during this important time in Chicago. The arts hold a special power and this power can bring understanding, enlightenment, and empathy to a community and a world that is desperately trying to learn not only how to define itself, but others.

We are thrilled that 2019 will be “The Year of Chicago Theatre” for Chicago, but for Invictus, 2019 will be “The Year of Empowerment.” Invictus will be continuing our youth outreach program Shakespeare in the Courts which was launched this past year and saw amazing success. We are also trying to bring more outreach and empowerment programs to our community through theatre, but we need your help.

We will have a fundraiser for these programs running through mid-January 2019. During this time, we ask that you consider making a donation to help support these programs that we know can help our community.

Your money will go directly into the budget for these programs. We need funds to help with transporting children to a safe rehearsal space, food for the children during the program, scripts, and the children in Shakespeare in the Courts get to come see our shows for the season free of charge so you can assist in covering their tickets. For many children in this program, reading the script on the first day is the first time they have heard of Shakespeare. By the end of the program, they are performing Shakespeare and coming to see it performed live by local Chicago actors.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other officials see the power of theatre and that is how they know 2019 is and should be “The Year of Chicago Theatre.” And it is because of this power that Invictus knows this is the year to really start reaching out and empowering our community and helping them to find the power within themselves through theatre.

You can donate through Facebook or on our website here.